Larian's KIC
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Larian Studios describes its KIC project as follows:

Kids Interactive Community (K.I.C.) is a brand new formula in cross-media that was introduced by VRT (Belgium’s national broadcaster) in fall 2004. It's the world's first TV creative community and has enjoyed a tremendous success in Belgium, winning the much-coveted Kids Award 2004 and again in 2005.

By the end of the decennium, KIC had spread across Europe and several KIC games were released to the public. Not all of them were patched to work offline after they were shut down, leaving many teenagers unable to relive nostalgia.

Because none of the KIC games are still being worked on and are not available for sale (or download) anymore, I consider them to be abandonware. Therefore, I have put all games I own (and have got fully working) online. Some games may require a special companion application to emulate a taken down server.

The creation of the Superia Companion Application has lead to an official offline re-release of Superia in Norway by its national broadcasting company. This re-release even contains my custom launcher. For more information on the individual KIC games and their history, please visit the website.